About Us

At Dual Dwellings Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering unique solutions to unique challenges. We understand how important matching the right build design to your block is. Our experience covers all markets across Australia for over 10 years.

As a property aggregators and wholesalers we take pride in serving our clients with best product at lowest price to help build client equity from day one. We have offices in Oran Park/Kellyville/City and we are always ready to meet you to discuss your ideas or start making a plan for your future project.

Dual dwellings

Our Guarantee

Dual Dwellings knows how important is build a property. We know you have expenses to pay, like interest, rent and we know you need your new home built on time, so we not only offer the right time frame, but we also, offer a variety of guarantees.

Why Dual Wellings Homes?

Dual Living Design is great for investments and it being beautiful and luxurious. We have over 50 models you can choose from.